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Weight Loss Before and After for Measure and Motivation

Weight loss before and after comparisons and results can give you the motivation and inspiration to continue on your Curvy Goddess fitness and health journey. It is really difficult sometimes at certain points on the path to stay on and move forward so what you need to do is create the inspiration to plow through.

Weight loss before and after images may just do the trick. I always make sure that I have a before image available so when I am ready to take the after pic to create my weight loss before and after pic it’s there for me.

For some, being able to see weight loss before and after images of others will help keep them going. Seeing weight loss before and after images of others brings forth the message that they have been where I am and look at them now.

For many, it gives them hope. Feeling hopeful and having faith are two very powerful elements for a strong mindset. You do need that to help you succeed and create the kind of fitness and health that you desire, Curvy Goddess.

I think that weight loss before and after images are valid motivational tools along the Curvy Goddess’ fitness and health journey. Other motivational tools of measures of progress can possibly be circumference measurements and seeing how your clothes fit you. I would check and measure every 4 weeks.

I would not rely on these measures of progress on a daily or even weekly basis because they can easily become a crutch on your fitness and health journey.

My hope and goal for you Curvy Goddess is to help you cross the bridge from neurotic, worrisome, uncomfortable, intense and fast weight loss to healthy weight loss and lifetime health and fitness. I want you to exercise consistently and often because it’s fun, and it makes you feel great!

There are so many health benefits that you’ll receive from working out that a weight loss before and after pic just doesn’t show.

Here are a few of the benefits that a weight loss before and after can’t express:

*Strengthens heart
*Increases muscle mass and halts muscle wasting
*Lubricates the joints
*Increases flexibility
*Combats depression
*Burns fat

Again these are just a few benefits from exercise. And so when I listen to someone who exercises because she just wants to lose weight then I feel I need to set her straight. That goal of just wanting to lose weight makes me believe that she’s just started on this journey and she has not been on the journey long enough to understand what fitness and health can truly give to her.

She hasn’t developed the mindset and attitude that “I am here to stay no matter what size I am. I am going to see it through even if I’m not the size I want to be because I know that exercise and eating right will give me so much more down this path that I’ve chosen for myself.”

Here is one of my Curvy Goddess client’s weight loss before and after pictures that I am so proud of who has shifted from fast and extreme weight loss mindset to a fit and healthy lifestyle attitude!

Weight Loss Before and After of Sandra

weight loss before and after
Sandra's Before and After
I call her my Curvy Goddess Warrior Princess. In her before and after weight loss image it doesn’t give you details of Sandra’s challenges. She has gone off course and got back on many times. She has been frustrated and defiant but she never quits. And for sure she has learned so much from all of her falling off the wagon. I know that she will reach her ultimate goal. Her courage transcends her fears and for that I dub her The Curvy Goddess Warrior Princess!

Weight Loss Before and After of The Curvy Goddess

weight loss before and after
Curvy Goddess Before and After
It has taken me so long to get to where I am now and the end of my journey is when I leave this Earth because the before and after weight loss image is just a snapshot in time – not truly the end of the road. I finally understand that my level of knowledge, understanding, love, and appreciation for my body gets deeper as I progress along my path. The desire for goals of “weight loss in 7 days” or “lose 10 pounds before my class reunion” are trivial. I am proud of where I stand.

I also wanted to show you two examples of weight loss before and after results.

The first are pics of Snooki weight loss before and after results.

My first impression from Snooki weight loss before and after is that her reasons are all about weight loss and vanity but that is based on projection of her celebrity personality. What do you think?

The next is Adele weight loss before and after results. I absolutely LOVE Adele! And her before pics are adorable to me! What do you think?

Hope you enjoyed the weight loss before and after results article. Until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

14 Responses to Weight Loss Before and After for Measure and Motivation

  1. yeah its true ,when we make a comparision between the two end points of any task then it increases our motivation…..we will definetly motivated to that particuler task like as loosing weight of your body….while loosing at least 1point or we can say thar 1kg from the body will definitly motivate us to improve more bettter and better.its a very nice topic…thanks to share…..

  2. i am a plus size as well an i would like too lose some extra pounds i been trying for your don’t get me wrong i like some of my curves but i would like to work on my stomach area i have which with other illnesses i can still shape up Liddle syndrome

  3. I’ve started doing this for myself since I want to eventually post the pics on my blog. It’s actually a bit more motivating for me as a fitness blogger because I feel like there really has to be a noticeable difference between my before and after pics otherwise it wouldn’t be worth posting lol.

    I haven’t posted them yet lol since I’m still a couple of pounds short of my first milestone :).
    The Fit Pinoy recently posted..The Medicard Metafit Experience – What to expectMy Profile

  4. I think because of mindset such those that want to lose weight in short time is the reason why people always fail in their weightloss program. They should believe it first and focus on their program I think… 🙂

  5. There is nothing harder than trying to get motivated for a workout after a long day at the office and a long ride home. So shirk the motivation issue and wake up with the sun. Starting the day with a workout or exercise routine is one of the best ways to ensure you are getting the most out of your day. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good, and if you feel good, you generally perform better. Set yourself a routine of getting up half an hour earlier than you normally would, jump straight out of bed into your workout gear and start your workout. This will alleviate the motivational issue of trying to keep in shape by working out at the end of your day when your energy levels are low. You will find you will achieve more in your workouts and you will be able to relax when you arrive home after a long day.
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