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Aerobic Exercise for Weight Loss – What Can A Curvy Goddess Do?

aerobic exercise for weight lossAerobic exercise for weight loss is a necessary component for those who want to go down a couple of sizes on their fitness and health journey. Without debate aerobic exercise for weight loss is just one reason to “do your cardio” on the treadmill or on the stationary bike.

Another huge reason is that aerobic exercise helps strengthen the heart and lungs so when you’re climbing the stairs or walking 4 blocks with a large package you’re not winded so easily.

“Thank goodness I exercise!” I thought after carrying a small refrigerator up the stairs and lifting it over my head while walking up my loft ladder.

I know that some of us Curvy Goddesses think that aerobic exercise for weight loss can be a very superficial reason.

But there are some of us who want to lose the weight along with firming those curves.

I always recommend my personal training clients to do some aerobic exercise for weight loss outside of their training sessions with me to help them move forward and keep them focused and motivated on their journey.

One of the major questions I am asked as a personal trainer for over 12 years is what is the best aerobic exercise for weight loss?

aerobic exercise for weight loss
I can only apply what I teach and instill in my clients for myself on my personal fitness and health journey
My answer will never change. The best aerobic exercise for weight loss is something that you think is enjoyable and doable. If you don’t know what that is you want to explore a little. Do you think walking for exercise and weight loss is something that is doable? How about dancing? Are you curious about pole dancing? How about swimming or an exercise bike for weight loss?

Personally, it’s time for me to explore different modalities of aerobic exercise for weight loss and I’m leaning toward dance. I remember how dancing was so much fun for me. I love Hip Hop, Jazz and I especially love House. It was effective aerobic exercise for weight loss because I didn’t see it as exercise really. It was just really fun.

I can only follow and apply what I teach my clients. Start reframing what exercise is for you from exercise is all about the struggle, strain, and hard work to exercise is fun, challenging but achievable, and worthwhile!

Below is a video of my friend and talented dance choreographer, Levi Claiborne Jr. showing me the distinction between Tap and House dance. You can clearly see how House dance was derived from Tap.

The other part of the answer to this question is that you want to start slowly and choose a non-impact aerobic exercise for weight loss. I do not suggest you start jogging or running if you haven’t moved your body in a very long time.

You want to think about your long term plan for your body and for your health. Joint health is an important factor to think about. I would choose forms of exercise that is non-impact or low impact to save those knees, hips, ankles and back of yours.

You can get an amazing high intensity workout without having to jump up and down and run around or sprint round in circles.

What kind of aerobic exercise for weight loss can you do?

First and foremost I emphasize walking for exercise and weight loss. It’s the least expensive and most practical form of aerobic exercise for weight loss available. Make sure your shoes are comfortable. And a great way to motivate yourself is invest in a pedometer.

A good pedometer will track your steps for the day and even the accumulation of steps for the week. It will even give you caloric expenditure from your steps although it’s important to focus on walking for exercise and weight loss to form positive rather than to burn calories.

This is an exceptional brand and model that I use personally because it’s durable and accurate.

Another great aerobic exercise for weight loss is using an exercise bike for weight loss! I love to switch up my workouts using the bike. Having an aerobic bike for weight loss is brilliant when the sun is not shining and when winter sets in so biking outdoors is not a wise choice.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Spinning because it is a very high intensity cardio workout without the high impact. Some of my clients love to Spin. I do too. There is something about being in a room-filled with sweaty peeps with fun club music Spinning your heart out and melting the fat!

Swimming is also a great aerobic exercise for weight loss plus it helps those with painful joint problems.

The last question that I’m sure some of you may have is what about an exercise schedule for weight loss? How frequent should I exercise and when?

Since most of you are just starting off I would plan an exercise schedule for weight loss where you’re exercising 3-5 days a week. You want to schedule the time as part of your day. Most of us will pull the “Just Too Busy” card. But most of us will find the time to do something that we really want like go on Facebook for 3 hours or watch TV for the other 3 hours of the time that we supposedly don’t have.

If you truly can’t bite into your online time or TV time or work time then I guess you’ll have to wake-up a few hours earlier or go to bed a few hours later.

Hope you enjoyed the aerobic exercise for weight loss article and I gave you some great things to think about. Please make a comment below if you have an opinion or any questions. My next article will be about mapping out an exercise plan for weight loss. Until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

25 Responses to Aerobic Exercise for Weight Loss – What Can A Curvy Goddess Do?

  1. Awesome advice. One of the biggest take-outs for me is to find exercise that you think is enjoyable and doable. Everybody is different. Exercises indoors at home or at the gym or outdoors in a park. And some people evolve from liking one exercise to liking another. Take me for example. I have always gone to the gym to exercise, then I started enjoying the outdoors more. Then in the cooler months I bought some workout DVDs and loved exercising in my PJs in front of my TV. You will find something you like.

  2. Thank you for sharing these tips. I love all your posts. I am a disperate mom, wanting to loss weight but I thought I takes so much time and effort. I didn’t expect I can do it myself at home with less effort.
    Mary Jean recently posted..Homepage Side 2My Profile

  3. classy advice. One of the biggest take-outs for me is to find exercise that you think is enjoyable and doable.thanks for sharing these tips. i am a lover of all your posts.

  4. I totally agree with the whole mindset shift. Ever since college my friends have always wondered how I can workout almost everyday and never get bored.

    My reply was always “because I don’t find it boring”. Admittedly if I hit the gym all the time the repetitiveness can get old so I like to switch it up with interval training, bodeyweight stuff, boxing, running, and whatever else seems fun. I don’t limit myself to just one type of exercise so it actually excites me to find out about new fitness classes because I like to try as many as I can.
    The Fit Pinoy recently posted..Gold’s Gym Philippines Essential Info – Read this before you joinMy Profile

  5. Usually, each morning I always walking with my dog. It’s really fun for me. and swimming is one of my hobbies and it’s really fun too 🙂
    I grateful that my daily activities and hobby are goods for my health…
    ricki@best diet plan recently posted..Yeast Free DietMy Profile

  6. I really love walking…It’s simple, can go anytime of the day and/or night, & only 30 minutes a day to get results. I also do 15 minutes of Pilates 3 times a week & light weights/strength workout 2 times a week for 20 minutes….Great combo for me & easier to stick with…

  7. That’s true if you love yourself then you have to do exercise. If you wanna live long its necessary to do exercise every day.

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