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Out On a Limb: Re-Creating the Goddess in 60 Days

lg_marilyn2_2 I’m taking the leap and holding myself accountable to YOU! I am preparing for a very special photo shoot and need to get my body in crazy, curvy firm shape. What really is more important is getting that mind straight…that mind in crazy shape with an attitude expressing an “I love my Self and my Body” Spirit. To be honest, sometimes it’s not there. I understand that I am human and sometimes I aim high in the stratosphere when it comes to my expectations for myself. Being aware of this helps me understand that if I don’t hit it today I will proceed further the next day.

Today, I decided that it would be a wonderful thing to share to the Curvy Community my process in the preparation for this photo shoot. I want to focus on the process to get to the end result but process is the most important. So instead of it being a torturous process filled with deprivation and pain, it’ll be a process filled with many moments of joy, respect, love, being in the present, and the realization of what an amazing and powerful Curvy Goddess I am.

Videos of my workouts and my personal thoughts will be a major feature in sharing with you and my process.

The weight loss is secondary. I want to feel super strong, just like Athena. I want to feel beautiful just like Aphrodite. I want to feel radiant and be receptive, just like Persephone.

I am quite clear that my process with my tools of resistance training and diet sans sugar and processed carbs will help me attain these Goddess-like attributes.

Stay tuned…

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