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My First Day: Re-Creating the Goddess in 60 Days

Hating the scale
Hating the scale

I’m on my first day in preparation for my big photo shoot. I weighed myself and I was okay with it. I am trying to wrap my mind around the number, shifting to the idea that it’s just a number and only a method to chart and track my progress. That’s it! Nothing more…but we Curvy Goddesses give it too much power.

DAMN scale!

A particular number can catapult us into a state of shame, disappointment, and even disgust in ourselves! Or a number can make us feel on top of the world ready to conquer…for an hour or two before we have our first meal of the day.

Then we get back on searching for something…validation…comfort…love…a beautiful life that we think we can own because of a certain weight.

211 lbs. means FAT, disgusting, lazy, depressed, lonely woman…197 lbs. means better, good person, attractive…180 lbs. might mean attractive enough to get the guy that you want, sexy…150 lbs…Forget it! Anything and anyone is yours!

Ah, the strange things that we are programmed to think. The scary part is we adopt it as our own. It’s not, we get a lot of help.

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