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Weight Loss Plan – Celebrating Your Curvy Body NOW!

weight loss plan
Boot Camp Workout For Your Plus Size Workout? Think Again…
When creating a new weight loss plan for yourself you probably shift into deprivation and abuse mode. I don’t blame you Curvy Girl. How can you not? There are so many “diet plans” and “workout weight loss plans” that prescribe abuse and starvation methods that would condition you to expect that of yourself whenever starting any weight loss plan.

It doesn’t have to be that way. And I know that a weight loss plan for women that nourishes, nurtures, and celebrates the body will create a different, more positive mindset that will make you want to stick to healthy methods for a lifetime.

Human nature shows that we look to feel good. So a weight loss plan for women that beats your body up and starves itself would not make you want to stick with it for a long period of time let alone for a lifetime.

In the last post I expressed to you some methods in helping get out of the doldrums. I recently had to deal with a bout of sadness that seemed to be turning into depression and before I slipped too deep in the dark hole I needed to take action and get myself out of it.

Although I have made amazing strides on my personal weight loss plan I still am on the journey. I am at this time a size 14 and my goal size would be a firm, curvy size 10.

Letting myself slip into a deep sadness would completely ruin what I have achieved with my personal weight loss plan. I had to do something.

I see myself as a physically strong, statuesque woman and would like to stay that way. A size 10 is my perfect dream size waiting for me to make it reality.

So successfully, just within a few days I pulled myself back on my journey implementing my weight loss plan. I am on my way to a size 10!

The following are some frequently asked questions that I get from Curvy Girls who want to lose the weight but have no idea how to approach their weight loss plan.

The key is keeping it a healthy weight loss plan. When you keep it healthy you are celebrating your body and appreciating it and your health rather than abusing it and focusing on deprivation.

Creating a weight loss plan that will create firm curves and burn fat is the way to go. You’ll be on the lifetime track with health and happiness.

Weight Loss Plan Question #1

weight loss plan
Explore and have some fun with exercise
I hate exercise. Can I just diet and lose the weight?

Studies show that those who are exercising are not necessarily losing more weight but they tend to lose more fat and those who are exercising are able to maintain their new firm bodies longer than those who are not exercising.

Exercise is not just for weight loss but it is magical when it comes to reshaping the body with firm curves. It helps create strong bones and create beautiful posture and help core strength that will alleviate back pain.

So it’s crucial that you exercise during your weight loss plan, Curvy Girl.

If you hate to exercise:

  • Find a partner with the same fitness and health goals
  • Choose fun activities first to acclimate yourself into this new way of life
  • Avoid extreme activities like Crossfit and boot camp programs when you begin an exercise program for your weight loss plan.

Weight Loss Plan Question #2

I like the convenience of eating fast food. Can I still lose weight?

Hmmm…We are not just dealing with weight loss but creating a healthy weight loss plan to create weight loss AND health.


And if you are dependent on this way of eating then you will need to wean yourself away from eating fast food.

Focus on eating whole foods; vegetables, fruits, and chicken, seafood, meat, nuts, and seeds. Also eat healthy fats.

Weight Loss Plan Question #3

I have no time to exercise in my busy schedule? How do I succeed?

Do you really want this for yourself? Or are you just hoping and keeping this in your dreams.

Bottom line: If you see the value, then you’re going to do everything in your power to make it happen.

  • If you’re a morning person, wake-up an hour early to workout.
  • If you’re a night owl, then work out in the evening.
  • You can work out during your lunch break.
  • If you just can’t find the time, then carve out 10 min. in the morning, 10 min. in the afternoon, and 10 min. at night.

But you will need to exercise to succeed on your weight loss plan long-term.

Weight Loss Plan Question #4

I need to find the best weight loss plan that will make me lose weight fast. Do you have a plan that will make me lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks?

The best weight loss plan is never the fastest weight loss plan. Maybe I should never say never, but I don’t think I have ever met a woman who has lost weight fast and kept it off for a lifetime. And if they do exist then there is probably a handful.

I bet you they finally changed their mindset quickly. So it wasn’t about the weight loss plan. They were ready to transform their bodies permanently.

Designing and implementing a weight loss plan that will stick is all about celebrating a new way of life and a new body. And you’re not celebrating eating processed foods, struggling through extreme workouts, and with low calorie diets.

Hope the Weight Loss Plan – Celebrating Your Curvy Body NOW article was helpful and you’re walking away with an action plan. Until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

16 Responses to Weight Loss Plan – Celebrating Your Curvy Body NOW!

  1. I have struggled all my life with my weight. I am 43 and a size 14. I just don’t understand when I finally get myself motivated and am doing great on a program for a week or two I then drop it like a hot potatoe and go the opposite way?? It’s so frustrating. I know all the right things to do, eating clean and exercising, however I just can’t seem to keep up the momentum and stay on track.

    • Hey Lori,

      First of all, thanks for visiting Curvy Goddess Lounge and reading this post.

      And also thanks for reaching out to me and asking this question.

      Here are some questions to ask yourself while you’re on this weight loss and fitness journey based on your comment/questions.

      1. Do you understand that this is for a lifetime? Even when you reach your goal weight that you will need to work out and eat healthy. Maybe think about it being a lifetime so you can relax and not try to be “perfect” while trying to lose the weight.

      2. When you are off the wagon, do you get back on ASAP? This is the key to success. Those who succeed aren’t perfect along their journey. They will fall but they dust themselves off as quickly as possible. They keep on keepin’ on. This is just a blip in a long, long journey of discovery and exploration and little successes and also mistakes. See it that way in your mind.

      3. Where are you getting the motivation? External motivation fades. Another key is to take action in spite of the lack of motivation. Also if you need motivation to take action then you will have to generate it yourself. I know that there are times when I lack motivation so I work out anyway because I’ve done it so many times where I know the accomplishment of doing it anyway makes up for the lack of motivation beforehand.

      Hope this helps!

      <3 Diane aka The Curvy Goddess

  2. I have worked out in the past trying to
    Start back is difficult stumbling blocks are always around i know i can do this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sometimes I wonder why most people always want a good thing but they won’t give any efforts to make it come true 🙁
    They want to lose weight, but lazy to exercise or workout and eat meats and the like. In fact, many people succeed in weight loss just by having healthy diet and exercise routinely …
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  5. Lori…I love your suggestion about the 10 minute workout. I think a lot of people fall off their fitness regimen because they either don’t have an hour to work out (which for some reason everything thinks they need) or they don’t realize that 10 minutes here and there adds UP! If you only have 10 minutes, make sure you do a HIIT type workout (high intensity interval training) because that’s what really stokes your fat-burning and gets you quicker to your goals! Just go on YouTube and look for HIIT workouts, there are so many, you will find dozens that fit your busy lifestyle!

  6. Sometimes I wonder why most people always want a good thing but they won’t give any efforts to make it come true 🙁
    They want to lose weight, but lazy to exercise or workout and eat meats and the like. In fact, many people succeed in weight loss just by having healthy diet and exercise routinely …

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