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Weight Loss Success Stories – Did You Ever Think That You Could Become One?

I’m sure you love to read weight loss success stories. And how lucky you are because I have many weight loss success stories with weight loss success stories before and after pics too. These womens weight loss success stories come from my clients and fans on the Curvy Goddess Lounge fan page.

weight loss success stories

Throughout the weeks, months, and years I hope to share a spectrum of weight loss success stories from Curvy Goddesses from all walks of life with an array of goals and challenges.

Their journeys are different from each other’s but all of them are equally successful. They are real weight loss success stories and they are natural weight loss success stories.

The first of the womens weight loss success stories is Colenthia who is an active participant on my Curvy Goddess Lounge fan page. This Curvy Goddess group is very active and enthusiastic and is always open to bettering themselves when it comes to their health and achieving their weight loss goals.

I have created a couple of weight loss challenges and there are dozens of weight loss success stories that were created from these weight loss challenges – They are definitely real weight loss success stories and natural weight loss success stories from real women who have struggled in their lives from their weight, emotionally and physically.

Colenthia wrote to me a few weeks ago giving me the rundown of her weight loss journey.

She is one of the many amazing real weight loss success stories that I must share with you and hopefully it will help you to continue on your journey and if you haven’t started then it may be the impetus that will catapult you to start on your journey.

Colenthia who is 47 years old was one of the womens weight loss success stories from the challenges. She has lost 50 pounds so far.

You have really inspired me. I started in January and starting tomorrow I will take Zumba. I started eating as if I was a diabetic. Other diets were hard, then I remembered my mom was a diabetic before she died and so I already knew how to live like one. So I got with my Doctor and she said since that works for you it’s fine. I am excited now I will have a dedicated trainer now.

She dramatically reduced her starches. She didn’t eat corn or potatoes. She doesn’t like brown rice so instead she ate wild rice. For her protein she ate chicken and fish. She ate vegetables without limiting the quantity.

To curb her appetite, she sometimes eats an apple and drinks lots of water.

Colenthia has started taking Zumba classes and is hooked on how she feels from exercise. She didn’t think she’d ever say this.

It’s a beast but I guess it will get easier as time goes by.

Yes! Colenthia understands this. Everything is hard when you’re starting your weight loss journey. But you’re aiming for a new lifestyle. Making healthy choices, moving frequently and consistently until eating vegetables without heavy sauce is yummy, until working out Monday through Friday is part of the weekday routine like going to work or brushing your teeth.

Yes, Colenthia. It does get easier.

Here is Colenthia’s weight loss success stories before and after pic.

weight loss success stories
Colenthia – Before and After

Way to go Colenthia! She is definitely one of the amazing weight loss success stories that I’ve shared on Curvy Goddess Lounge.

And now I will share one of the many weight loss success stories from my personal training clients. Emily is one of my newest clients. I adore her and respect her for being so transparent with me.

I understand that it’s really scary being this way and you have to be courageous in spite of this fear of feeling completely exposed and vulnerable.

But I find that when a personal training client is completely up front with me I can work with her and help her make better choices, talk through certain irrational but real fears to help her understand where these “stories” are coming from, and create a certain level of awareness and set an action plan to continue the journey.

So here is Emily’s story:

weight loss success stories
Emily is discovering a renewed energy from taking care of herself

I started training with Diane in June of 2012. At the time I weighed 192 pounds (at 5 feet, 1 inch tall), and at the age of 48 I had never done any serious or sustained exercise in my entire life. I suffered from bouts of depression, was tired all the time, and my knees hurt when climbing or descending stairs. I had a tremendous amount of fear and virtually no confidence.

As I went to my first appointment with Diane, I heard the usual voice in my head telling me I would quit after 2 or 3 sessions. After all, I had quit every gym, every exercise routine, and every diet I had ever tried.

But it quickly became clear that this was going to be different. My deep-seated fears and self-doubt had met their match in Diane. She got me. She understood my struggle and fears, and the power of my self-defeating thoughts and behavior. She understood it BUT she refused to indulge it.

Diane is a highly competent, knowledgeable trainer, who manages to be both supportive and no-nonsense.

She cheers me on while challenging me to push past self-imposed limitations. Her unwavering belief in my ability to do this kept me from giving up and, as time went on, began to rub off on me.

Training with Diane has truly been life-changing. Yes, I am losing weight. But more importantly, I am stronger, healthier, and more confident than ever.

My knee pain has vanished, I sleep better, and I am more even-keeled emotionally. I look forward to our sessions and feel off-balance when I have to miss one. Working with Diane is the best thing I ever did for myself.

YAY Emily! One of the best weight loss success stories on Curvy Goddess Lounge. I am so very proud of her.

So I’ve shared with you two weight loss success stories and I will share many more in the days and weeks to come.

Hope the Weight Loss Success Stories article was helpful and you’re walking away with an action plan. Until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

27 Responses to Weight Loss Success Stories – Did You Ever Think That You Could Become One?

  1. Hey Diane Williams,
    Your blog is really going great motivating and helping others in loosing weight. Well I am happy reading that fan page and group leading all towards a healthy and fit society. And hope after reading these Weight Loss Success Stories people will get motivated.
    Simon George recently posted..Best Home Remedies For Tan SkinMy Profile

  2. Hi Dianne!
    I loved reading this article. Hearing success stories from people who at one time thought they would never be in the shoes they are currently in is incredibly inspiring. Like you said, It does get easier!!
    Thank you

    • This is my simple and at the same time great story. Tough to do but you can do it as well.
      I lost 43 pounds and have kept it off for 5 years.
      I did two simple things:
      A. Simple workout with light weight.
      B. Got an excellent diet program and meal plan from
      They’ve taught me what and how to eat and they’ve delivered food to my door. Time, I’ve saved from grocery shopping and cooking, I’ve spent exercising. You can see the result!

  3. Wow, you must be proud for yourself to lead them success on their weightloss 😀
    I’m looking forward for more success story of your clients … 🙂 it’s so excited to see them happy you know…
    ricki recently posted..Starting Yeast Free DietMy Profile

  4. Hi Emily (I’m sure you’re reading these comments), but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. It’s amazing how your body reacts after losing weight. I was able to get rid of years of chronic heart burn, and I have a degenerative disk in my lower back, which used to cause my back to go out. I haven’t had a problem with either since I dropped 30 pounds. Keep on keepin’ on!
    Nate recently posted..The Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training and Increased Excess fat LossMy Profile

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    The entire world is getting obsessed with weight loss at the moment. So many people have given in to the new ‘it’ thing. Slim is really in. And it’s now different from scenarios a few years back when people want to be extremely thin. These days, people want the fit and lean body.

    fitness mirror

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  7. Hello there,
    Im a long time reader… first time poster. I felt that after reading and trying weight loss technics over the past couple years online and finally finding something that gave me some results. Although i wouldn’t really say I was “obese” per say, I was still not happy with the way I looked. I felt being 5’4 , that 140 lbs a little unhealthy, having said that, I began almost every crazy diet and workout routine that I could find online. All they did was make me feel like a failure when I missed a day of working out or having a piece of cake at a friends wedding. I regularly fluctuated between 135-140 lbs, a far cry from the 105 i was in high school. To make a long story short, I began feeling I was stuck in a weight-loss hamster wheel until I saw this segment on Dr. Oz about a year ago (heres the actual segment on youtube ) about this green coffee bean extract. Initially it went in one ear and out the other, until one day i was browsing online and saw a site that was giving away a risk free trial ( ‘ill list the site in my sig so i don’t feel like a pill pusher lol) I though to myself after all the time and cash i invested in other diet programs what did i have to lose? Well I received the free trial about a week after I order it, one of the boasts was I didn’t have to do any crazy workouts or live off raw veggies and water. The way it works is it speeds up your metabolism. At first it was slow, I lost about 2 lbs a week. After I lost about 10 lbs I downloaded a calorie counter on my iphone, and within 90 days, I was down to 120 lbs , and just last month I reached my goal of 115 yay me 🙂 Anyway, sorry to ramble, but I hope that someone finds some inspiration in my journey the same way I have… Good luck everyone 😉

  8. Great story. Tough to do but can do it.
    I lost 60 pounds and have kept it off for 5 years.
    I did two things:
    1. Strength training with lighter weights/higher reps.
    2. Got a good diet program from
    It taught me what and how to eat.
    You can find good programs anywhere. Good luck to you.

  9. Hey there,

    You have found some inspirational things to tell about weight loss success stories. You also wrote your article well and it was easy to read, especially the way your text was formatted.

    As a little tip on the side, I think you should make the text a little more oriented towards the readers and less focussed on SEO, but that’s all. Keep it up!
    Michael recently posted..Cabbage Soup Diet Review – Is The Cabbage Soup Diet Safe And Does It Work?My Profile

  10. Hi Diana,
    I loved reading this article.
    The key to their success is that they were ready to pay the price.
    When you are ready for the price you can achieve anything in life. This is the secret. I hope they never forget their success model and apply it in every area of their life. I feel their joy. It is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  11. SO true I read about this new research on female metabolism and that is why the body stores fat and it has got nothing to do with diet or anything else!

  12. Hi Diane
    Impressive Stories very motivational always keep your spirits high and you can have the body shape you like .

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