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The Confusion Of Being Great – 3 Things They Don’t Want You To Know As A Curvy Goddess [MUSIC VIDEO]

Let’s face it Curvy Sister. We live in a society that is obsessed with “skinny” and although I’m not knocking it I know that it has affected me and my Curvy Goddess World and well-being.

Based on the media’s definition of a woman’s ideal body size I think we are supposed to eat lettuce, cleanse and detox for a lifetime, while doing 2 hours of cardio a day.

Also we’re supposed to listen to our doctor and obey his every word while disregarding what we are feeling and what’s going on with our bodies.

And also hide in dark, shapeless clothing that we purchased from the back of the department stores.

How about you? Have you taken in these messages from people who for some reason are so committed with what you SHOULD be doing with your body, your health, and your life?

So much that you believed it to be true and forgot about your Greatness? *gasp*

I must remind you that you are Great! You are a Curvy Goddess and although there seems to be many of us in the world a lot of us have bought into the idea that we are not worthy of all of the things we deserve, like Love, Honor, Dignity, Respect, and being Cherished.

Let me remind you.

You deserve Love.

You deserve that time for yourself every day. That morning coffee or tea where you can sit and reflect before you start your busy day with family and work.

You deserve that time for yourself in the middle or the end where you can reconnect with your body and move it, groove it, grind it, swing it, and shake it.

You deserve the Honor, Dignity, and Respect from yourself and from others no matter how you are feeling and seem to look in their eyes.

Below are the 3 major power assets that they want you to forget you have as a Curvy Goddess.

SEXY: Could you imagine what it would be like if every single Curvy Goddess in this world tapped into her “Sexy”? I think there would be rioting in the streets!

Being sexy is not about showing everything in tight revealing clothes out in public. I’m talking about you having a true sense of respect for yourself. Having this sensual elegance and strength and owning it.

What would that look like for you? What would you do in your life?

Own your SEXY…

Now how could you be inspired to know what sexy is like if you feel so far away from it?

PRIDE: This asset sometimes is misunderstood.

I’m not talking about a boastful Ego-filled showing off of your assets, body, and accomplishments.

I’m talking about this inner peace and confidence.

You walk (float) into a room in a peaceful state of pride and confidence because you know you are worthy. There is no doubt in your mind.

Or you take your first exercise class after a very long break and you stumble and fumble and you feel like a kid with two left feet.

…but you do it anyway.

EMPOWERED: All h*%l will break loose when every single Curvy Goddess feels completely empowered.

You are empowered when you make sure that voice of doubt and insecurity is turned off or way down low and you do what you please so that your life is kick-butt MAGNIFICENT!

You influence the ones you love for the better. And you don’t give the naysayers any air time.

Capiche Curvy Goddess?


Watch and listen to this music video I created for you to inspire and remind you how special you are.

Now share with me in the comments section what your dreams are.

If you truly knew that you owned Sexy, Pride, and Empowered, how would your body, health, and life change?

Thank you so much for reading, watching and commenting. I’m excited to have you be a part of this special community of Curvy Goddesses.

Together we are going to create beautiful and magnificent things for you and for your fellow Curvy Sisters!

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18 Responses to The Confusion Of Being Great – 3 Things They Don’t Want You To Know As A Curvy Goddess [MUSIC VIDEO]

      • Hi Ms.Diane,
        I just love what you are doing and I am aboard to getting in shape a lot of things you say inspire me and I thank you for caring, I am 45 years old and just want to be fit and healthy also look better ( I look good :-)) lol..but I just want to thank you:-) btw I wanted to ask you about the waist cincher and what you think about it I want to try it. Thank you again Deborah B.

        • YAY!! You’re inspired! Very pleased about that Deborah. Now about the waist cincher question…Oy! Such a loaded question. Based on being a personal trainer for over 13 years there is no physiological change when you cinch your waist. There may be some physical change in appearance over time but that’s because you’re forcing the organs to kind of move.

          When wearing waist cinchers you’re also disengaging the core muscles. So you’re relying on the waist cincher for support and not relying the strength of the core muscles. Over time your core muscles will be trained to become lazy because they are not being used.

          I know that we want a quick fix and we want to be inspired. And this may be the ticket for you to get inspired to do more when it comes to working out and eating healthy but waist cinching alone does nothing and over time may cause back problems because of the core muscles weakening.

          I’m not going to tell you don’t do it. But I’m giving you information based on my experience as a certified personal trainer for over 13 years.

          Hope this helps you.
          Diane Williams recently posted..Weight Loss Plan – Celebrating Your Curvy Body NOW!My Profile

  1. I really enjoyed the music and video! It has inspired me to get back up and keep trying. I have lost my way and got depressed and went back to old habits. I am ashamed i had been doing well. But i am picking myself up and dusting off those bad habits!! Thank you Diane for being an inspiration to all of us! The Curvy Goddess!!!!

  2. Thank you very much for what you do. While I must admit I have an issue with claiming the word goddess (a matter of beliefs) I certainly have no issue replacing it with the word Lady. And I am a Curvy Lady …. with a bit too much of me. 🙂

    The video and song will stick with me in a good way. I needed it today. I think you may have encouragement me in what to speak about in a meeting next month.

    I know you are located in NY …wish I was still there but primarily to meet you and train under you. But alas, I am in Pa. Thank you for all you share here with us and for all your encouragement.

    Again … thank you.

  3. So very timely for me – thank you. I loved your words after the video more than the video itself – they were so inspiring, soothing and supportive. Thank you and see you on your site!

  4. Thank you Diane – for all of your hard work and uplifting information. i tell all of my bbw friends about your site and your inspiration.

    Again Thank you.

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