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Your New Luscious Lover Is…Who Is This Beautiful Person In Your Life? [MUSIC VIDEO]


If you’ve had an amazing love affair in your life do you remember what it was like?

How did you feel?

Did your whole body sing out for joy?

Were your senses heightened just thinking about your lover?

Well I have had a few in my life and I still remember the feelings I felt.

Everything in my life was expansive and intense.

Tastes were more intense and richer.

The colors were vibrant and alive and the sounds seem to amplify and explode into a symphony of beautiful music.

I felt I was on a high from life and love.

Everything in life is more than good being in that feeling.

You feel taken care of with a lover and you take care of that lover in that special way a Curvy Goddess can, not because you have to but you are inspired to.

Here are a few thoughts that my fellow Curvy Sisters mentioned when I asked what does a lover do for a Curvy Goddess:


A lover not only supports you in your goals but a healthy lover celebrates and appreciates your body.


A lover will sometimes cater and pamper to your needs.


This is the direction where I want you to go with yourself. You be the lover of you.

Your new luscious lover is…YOU!

Treat yourself like a lover would treat you.

Now how would that look like?

Here are a few ideas:

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  • You celebrate and worship your body.
  • You treat yourself like you are the most beautiful woman on the planet.
  • You have no reservations to moving your body.
  • Nor do you hesitate feeding yourself healthy and healing foods.


So this is how you’re going to start on your fitness and weight loss journey.

And if you’ve already started then let’s continue the journey with this new attitude.

An attitude that inspires. An attitude that you have a new lover who truly treats you with honor, respect, dignity and love.

So when you clearly have a grasp with that kind of attitude then the journey becomes much more inspired, more enjoyable.

So with this attitude you wouldn’t take a Spinning class because you have to lose 10 pounds in two weeks.

You take a Spinning class because you love, love, love the instructor.

You love the music.

You love the challenge.

You love how you feel and look afterwards…GLOWING and ALIVE!

If you’re stumped and you feel that you’re out of practice with knowing how to treat yourself with love as a lover should and you think that you can’t pull this off, don’t worry.

There will be many opportunities on Curvy Goddess Lounge where I will show you how to embrace this new attitude.

Now watch and listen to the music video I created for you to inspire and remind you how lovable you are.

So my Curvy Sista, you’re going to help me continue to build a beautiful, strong community with plenty of Curvy Goddesses supporting one another and making our dreams come true in fitness, health, and happiness.

Starting on the journey together by making the decision to start. Every one of us especially you is important.

By making the decision to create a fit, sexy body, and feel-good-in-my-skin healthy lifestyle you will influence the whole Curvy Goddess community.

There will be new secrets and tips weekly just for the Curvy Girls in this community.

So today I want you to make the commitment to start on your new health and fitness journey with this new attitude. You be the lover of you.

If you have started but fell off the wagon then recommit now below by making a comment.

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7 Responses to Your New Luscious Lover Is…Who Is This Beautiful Person In Your Life? [MUSIC VIDEO]

  1. i LOVE THE VIDEO <3

    Just what I needed after taking those measurements today ๐Ÿ™ . SO I have to get back on the wagon. Lots of crying, anger at myself just a mess. Thank you again with making me take those measurements finally and this video. Because if I don't Love myself nobody will and I'm never going to beat this and I must WIN!!!

  2. I love this, so beautiful and powerful. I had a partner who would say so many negative things about me and my body and take my plate of food away from me before I even finished. And the more weight I lost, the more he seemed to control me. I finally got a pretty athletic body and was proud of myself and he became so controlling because of the attention I got, needless to say, I left him because it became too much. If he couldn’t love me when I was overweight, he didn’t deserve me afterwards either.
    Janelle Marie recently posted..Workout Music For Your MoodMy Profile

  3. Thank you for this very inspiring post and video Diane. Sometimes we make very accusatory and demeaning comments on very small flaws that would typically be avoided or ignored on someone else. However, with ourselves we tend to go overboard and create for ourselves major problems through the magnifying efforts of our own eyes. We should not let the opinions of others be the meter by which we measure our own greatness or self worth. Strive for peace with one’s self and not perfection. Most of these individuals who are struggling with self perceived perfection and trying to maintain it are not happy, but they are being lead around daily by their unrealistic views of themselves and their shortcomings.

    Margaret Clover recently posted..Health and beauty benefits of cornMy Profile

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