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Honor The Inner Game

Inner-GameI’ve noticed that in magazines, weight loss blogs, Facebook weight loss pages or TV interviews when a person announces they’ve lost ____ lbs. most of us are waiting to hear what exactly did she do to finally succeed in losing the weight.

And most of us expect that the answer is a step-by-step menu plan and fitness regimen to get to the finish line because we want to do exactly what she did.

I confess! I have bought into this myself. Wanting a “blow by blow” of how she did it. And then with high hopes trying to follow the diet and workout PERFECTLY with absolute…complete…FAILURE.

Something is truly missing with this formula because we all should have been “skinny” by now based on thousands of weight loss success stories and weight loss plans available to us over the years.

I would think after the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th time I’d understand that something is really missing. Someone’s not giving me the straight business, the real talk.

What do you think the missing piece is?

What do you think the truth is?

I believe it’s the internal “stuff”. The really painful messed up internal stories that I have created from past experiences and from beliefs from parents, teachers, the mean kids in school, and the strangers around the corner blurting out something nasty about me that I made so very powerful that it sunk into me deeply for decades.

And now when I walk down the street I hear their voices.

Sometimes it is my voice telling me that I am too fat.

I am not enough.

A man won’t love me at this size.

My mom won’t be happy with me at this weight. She will be disappointed if she sees me this way.

I am too ashamed to show my family how big I am.

I am not lovable enough.

Does this sound familiar to you?

And how when I feel that my heart is heavy repeating these statements would I think that just following a meal plan and fitness routine would do the job?

How on Earth would I think that not dealing with these painful beliefs would make me think that it would disappear into nothingness and absurdity?

They don’t.

They just sit inside me…

Waiting to show themselves right after a quick glance from a stranger…

From an innocent dinner event with friends…

From a start of a new fitness routine during the New Year…

These beliefs that I’ve held for so long that override every single attempted health and fitness change will still be there if I don’t deal with them right here, right now.

We underestimate what is happening with us internally and are so focused on external methods. Sometimes I think it is a way to distract us, to ignore that real pain, the Ego wanting to save itself.

I believe what we can’t see can be so much more destructive to our lives.

So, Curvy Girl, you must acknowledge what is in you. And you must delete and destroy those beliefs that do not do you justice in your life, for the sake of your future.

So how do you do this?

There are paths that you can take. But understand that it doesn’t happen overnight. You’ve had these painful beliefs about yourself for many, many years.

Here are a few places to start:

DISCLAIMER: So the above is a list with a few places to start. This doesn’t mean that these are the answers to all of your weight and health problems. They could be a possibility but they also may not be. I have searched and searched for myself and I know that one place may lead to something absolutely life-changing.

Without taking that first step I would have never gone to step 17 and had an AH-HA.

Understand that to be powerful in your life means taking full responsibility for your actions. Trust your heart and your intuition.

So tell me what you think down in the comment section. Are you searching within along with following an exercise and healthy eating routine? What has been a very powerful belief that is stopping you from succeeding? How are you going to release this belief?

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16 Responses to Honor The Inner Game

  1. I have found some of those same things to be my problem as well. And then I became stressed about my weight as well as other things and that kept the weight on too. I have found that prayer helps a lot! And learning to relax. And acceptance of yourself and loving yourself no matter what helps to relieve the stress of not being accepted and then the weight starts to fall off and all the work your doing suddenly shows!

  2. Thank you SO much for this article. I get those some messages when I am walking in the mall or down the street! But it is more of what is inside of me than what others really think. Thanks agains for this message!!!!

  3. Great article with some very useful options for where to start! I’ve found that it’s important not to limit these methods to solely around body image.

    Achieving success in a completely unrelated area of your life can also often have an incredible impact your mindset and strategy towards weight loss.
    Dan recently posted..Paleo Strawberry and Almond Milk SmoothieMy Profile

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    thanks 🙂

  5. It’s boring to hear the same things about weight loss over and over again. I am happy that you show us a different approach to this topic.

    Keep your good work up Diane!

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