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My 30 Day Weight Loss Plan

I feel completely insane when I ignore my mind and spirit
I’m mapping out my 30 day weight loss plan. I use weight loss as a general description but it’s more focused on an overall fitness, healthy and weight loss program.

Here’s the reasoning behind creating a personal 30 day weight loss plan and my back story.

I’ve been sitting on my behind creating Curvy Goddess Lounge along with the entire Curvy Goddess brand to help plus size and non-plus size curvy women (this is YOU) and to inspire them and YOU on their fitness, health, and weight loss journeys.

I’ve been absorbed and passionate about this work. Serving is definitely my mission and life purpose but along with this wonderful discovery of purpose I have forgotten myself and have neglected my personal needs in many aspects of my life which includes my own fitness and healthy eating lifestyle.

A few months ago I would have been so embarrassed to admit this because in my mind I’m supposed to be perfect.

Can you relate?

But I am not going to beat myself up about it and play victim and cry “failure”.

I am a beautiful and powerful woman and the best way to express this is to take action that supports this expression.

(Remember this for yourself.)

I chose only 30 days..for now because I know myself pretty well. I have a tendency to go to extremes and I’ve learned that the more steady and sane my weight loss plan is the more stable I will be and the likely I will be successful.

So the following will be a general overview of what my 30 day weight loss plan looks like:

I’m taking a holistic approach with this 30 day weight loss plan. I’m no longer ignoring the mental or the spiritual well-being parts and focused solely on the physical aspects; healthy eating and exercise.

I am complex and this whole weight loss and health thing is complex too. So ignoring certain parts is basically setting myself up to fail, yet again.

I can’t ignore the fact that my body is connected with my mind and my spirit and these parts are a vital role for my weight loss achievements.

30 Day Weight Loss Plan – My Mind

My mind has a mind of its own. It sometimes doesn’t want to play by the rules. So it will do things that my body and spirit do not want it to do. Like kill my great track record with exercise and healthy eating after a couple of days or a few weeks into the plan.

So how am I going to make it cooperate this time?

I find that my mind will rebel and create an upheaval if it’s stressed out. It’ll go for the overeating and binging if I place too much stress on my body and spirit.

So this time I give myself love, respect, and some relaxation – down time. Let me dream, imagine, and fantasize while I luxuriate in a hot bath or a foot massage once-in-awhile.

30 Day Weight Loss Plan – My Physical Body

Strength training for me is so magical. I see amazing results when I take advantage of resistance training. But I think I need more, full expression through my physical body. I have always loved to dance and I’m not sure why I haven’t continued dancing since it feels so good to me.

It is definitely something to explore.

Healthy eating is a must for me because I love how I feel when I eat this way. Lots of green and colorful fruits, organic and clean.

And when I feel great it means that I want to do more things that make me feel even better.

My 30 Day Weight Loss Plan – My Spirit

Keeping my spirit joyful is very important to me. Now what will make my spirit joyful?

When I ask this, answers come to me rather quickly.

Light, lots of light around me

Aroma of fresh citrus and flowers

Luxuriating in slumber on a regular basis

Explore my sensuality and passion as a woman

These are things that will keep me joyful and celebrate my life. When I am in appreciation and in celebration then the whole process of my 30 day weight loss plan will be more enjoyable for me.

In a few days I will give you more details of my 30 day weight loss plan. Healthy foods I’m eating, exercise plan, what’s working and what’s not working. So stay tuned!

So did I miss something? What would you incorporate in your 30 day weight loss plan? Comment below. I’m curious to know what you think, Curvy Goddess!

Until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

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26 Responses to My 30 Day Weight Loss Plan

  1. This is on point especially with the Mind part of it, if our minds are clouded like anything we can’t process anything well at all. Our emotions take over and the next thing you know you have a bag of oreos in the hand sitting in the middle of the bed saying FORGET THIS!

    Relaxing is another big thing and the smells around the are excellent I mostly try eucalyptus mint or lilac or from body works that sensual vanilla is the best that works for me I use the bathwash and lotion and the plug-ins. I tell my family I need at least 30 minutes a day to just relax, this helps me with my spirit and mind so I can concentrate better, but I admit I am my worst offender I get caught up at work, stress takes over and everything is gone.

    Now this time I am going to concentrate on these issues and for the body is more resistance also walks, no running or to high cardio because it just over exhausted me to the point of hurting that I didn’t want to finish or go on. You once told me to walk just more minutes and not how far, I can’t tell you how much this helped me!!!

    I can’t wait to do this πŸ˜€

  2. I can relate. Running a blog means spending a lot of time in a chair in front of a computer. (Unless you’ve got one of those standing/walking desk things)

    I admire your honesty here- it takes strength and courage to reveal yourself.
    Zadie recently posted..5 Kinds of Plyometric ExerciseMy Profile

  3. Nice! Very inspiring and it serves as a gentle reminder that we need to take the time to refocus our efforts to fully dedicate ourselves in things that we;re highly passionate about together in mind, soul and body.

  4. I like Your 30 Days Challenge But Few things People need to keep in Mind Before Entering in this Challenge I have Written on My Blog post Check this Out as well.

  5. Hello Diane!
    I’ve just found your blog. Your post is very motivative for people who struggle with extra pounds. Sharing your experience, you help people understand that they are not alone and that all who go through this journey have the same feelings and problems. Stress is one of the problem that interferes with weight loss. Stress often misleads us, that is why relaxation techniques should be included into the weight loss plan.

  6. Hey,

    I can relate. Being a doctor and a Blogger, I know how much time I have to spend on my desk and it does take some extra motivation to follow your fitness regime. Very nice article…keep it up

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