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The Power Of Accountability For Your Fitness And Weight Loss Program


Right before we get to the starting gate of an exercise and diet program we are pumped; motivated to get into amazing shape. After a few weeks and maybe even as early as a few days that motivation starts to lag.

Why does this happen to most of us Curvy Goddesses?

It’s so easy to put our big important fitness and weight loss goals off and say “next week” or “I’ll start on Monday.” But before you know it, next month rolls by and it passes, then the next year. And if you’re not mindful, a whole decade may pass you by.

Even if the added weight is a health risk or you have slowed your life or even stopped your life because of it, you still haven’t taken action.

What can we do to keep us accountable with our health and fitness goals?

I know. I know. You’re Superwoman!

And so you expect yourself to do everything perfectly…every time. You put that pressure onto yourself that you’re supposed to do all of this alone and perfectly.

It may seem admirable in your mind but let’s give up the control for once in your life and cut yourself some slack.

You’re human. You’re a beautiful one at that…Perfectly imperfect!

Choosing to create a healthy and fit body and lifestyle without accountability will definitely increase your chances of not reaching the finish line or severely slow down your progress to a turtle’s crawl.

Remember, when one area of your life suffers such as having sluggish energy and feeling “YUCKY” in your body while your back and other joints are aching then other aspects of your life will suffer too.

I think you know that exercise and having a proper diet are extremely beneficial in creating a healthy body where energy levels can soar through the roof. You feel strong in your body. And all of the feel-good energy affects other aspects of your life.

Having a healthy and fit body is POWERFUL!

You feel POWERFUL, Curvy Goddess.

Then I ask you if you know this then why put it off one more day?

Well, maybe we don’t have to know why you’re putting it off but instead prepare and plan, then take action.

Stop the suffering and let’s look at how you can create a powerful support system of accountability to have that healthy and fit lifestyle on lock down!

Being a certified personal trainer in NYC for about 14 years now I’m going to suggest a few ways to keep yourself accountable and on track with your fitness and weight loss priorities and goals.

CheckMark2Hire a fitness professional to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Most personal trainers will charge you if you cancel without giving 24 hours notice. The possibility of wasting your hard earned money will help you stick to your personal training workouts.

This is a perfect example of the power of accountability being implemented. I see almost every single day as a personal trainer how a relationship of support and motivation with my clients will help them stick to their fitness and weight loss goals.

Most of them would never work out alone at the intensity that they work out when I am there with them. Most would not even show up to the fitness studio or to the gym if they didn’t have anyone to meet them to work out.

CheckMark2Join a gym that is close to where you work or live and schedule in your workouts.

The gym is not necessary to get into AH-mazing shape but if you’re going to drop some moolah down and invest then don’t make it a challenge to get there.

What are business hours?

Is it clean?

Does it ever get crowded?

Is the equipment well maintained?

CheckMark2Keep track of your food intake and workouts with a journal. You will be surprised how inspiring it is to see your journey on paper.

Many have created their own blog to document their journey. Some will write their impressions and discoveries in special diary.

CheckMark2Find a friend who has similar goals to yours so you can keep each other accountable.

Having an accountability partner plays a powerful role in helping you be reminded to keep your “eye on the prize” and remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing.

As you create the body you want and feel you finally deserve in health, vitality, and fitness, surround yourself with those who support this new way of being.

You’d be surprised how many will not support something positive because they feel that you are taking away from their shine. Remember they have some unhealed issues. Be compassionate, but be protective or yourself at the same time.

Now it’s your time to think about what kind of accountability plan would put in place to get to your fitness and weight loss goal and comment below. I would love to read it!

Remember, you deserve a complete, full, and healthy life and the power of accountability will get you there in lightening speed!

Until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!


23 Responses to The Power Of Accountability For Your Fitness And Weight Loss Program

  1. Yes, motivation goes a long way when trying to lose weight. Fear also. Obesity can cause a multitude of health problems if you allow it. But in the end, accountability to yourself, to your loves ones, to your family, it should be more than enough to drive you to lose weight.

  2. Diane this is gold! Accountability is one of the keys to success and it’s not just in achieving weight loss (Fitness) but in life. After all, how else would you know? I’ve also noticed it’s good to know your own ‘style’ of motivation. What I mean by that is some people take action when they are inspired and some out of pain. Unfortunately, pain is a great motivator for me so when I’m doing good so to say, my actions seem to reduce. This is why accountability is so essential (Especially from a third party) so you continue on with your daily consistent actions and keep getting better results (You need someone to kick your butt when necessary). Support systems are ESSENTIAL for results / success!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for these tips! I’ve just discovered that I’ve been doing it all wrong.
    I thought I could do it on my own. Didn’t even know it’s better to have an accountability partner or join an accountability group.
    Do you know any of such groups? I’m eager to join one.

  4. Love this post so much! Doing it no your own gives you a way out and an excuse to fail because the only person you are accountable to is yourself! It’s so easy to give up when you’re not under the eye of someone else – best of all is when you choose a partner with mutual goals so you can share, celebrate each other’s successes and confess when we need the motivation to stay on track!
    Samantha recently posted..Going to the Chapel and I’m…My Profile

  5. I must say this is a nice and encouraging post Diane. Lots of people try to lose weight and fail. That is because when you try to do some big step like changing your diet in order to get healthier or lose that extra weight, you need to make simple choices, one by one. If you start complicating at the very start, you might trick your mind into thinking that you can’t do that and you end up bailing your plan.
    Margaret Clover recently posted..Health and beauty benefits of raspberriesMy Profile

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