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Plus Size Personal Training Fitness Tip #2


Please watch the video below to learn about how to get started on your fitness and weight loss program.

Plus Size Personal Training Fitness Tip #2 – Getting Started

CheckMark2It’s not about “being perfect” when you get started on your fitness and weight loss program but it’s about getting started.

CheckMark2The journey is going to be messy. It always is so understand that holding onto the idea that you have to be perfect is going to slow you down greatly or it may likely stop you from ever achieving your goal.

CheckMark2What’s more important to you? Being perfect or getting results? If you want to get results then you better drop the perfectionist role fast.

All of my clients who give it up are the ones who progress the farthest because they are truly in the process of “doing” and “being” rather than being in their heads.

Hope this gave you the jolt you needed to get started today.

Until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

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48 Responses to Plus Size Personal Training Fitness Tip #2

  1. I love this article. Getting started for people is always the hardest part. Before I lost weight I started many times and quit many times. I quit because I felt I was making hard changes in my life and not seeing any pay off. What is missing in most weight loss blogs is information on what to eat, where to buy it and how to prepare it.

  2. Diane, this article is great and informative! How much discipline does one needs in order to be successful in her personal fitness training? You blog have interesting topics worth following!

  3. Great post. I totally agree that starting point will be tough one and your advises are very effective tool to motivate people who want to have positive changes. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I really enjoyed your post here. I T totally agree it can get messy at times and really tough. I believe you really have to believe in yourself for anything to happen in life and stick to it. Thanks for sharing this Diane enjoyed it.

  5. I really love your approach. I think you have a very realistic manner of getting things done and ultimately that’s what everybody wants but doesn’t know how to do :get the things done. I find that in order to make any progress you need to love yourself, and sometimes, or most of the times, that is easier said than done. I can’t help but think of Oprah when she said that on one occasion she cancelled her attendance to a very important, high fashion party because she had gained five pounds and felt fat and later on how she looked back on it and actually regretted it quite a bit. I can’t help but think how many times that happened to me and how I regretted doing things in this manner :stop everything because I was not good enough. I know is a hard road, but that’s when baby steps are awesome.
    MASON recently posted..The Best Kept Secret In MedicineMy Profile

  6. Dedication. Inspiration. Excellence. Knowledge. Encouragement Accomplishment. These are just a few words which come to mind as I think of what Diane Williams offers to each and every one of her clients. Not only are these attributes ones her clients will learn but ones which are the essence of Diane herself. Her commitment to her clients, as to herself, is no less than 100%. Anyone who may have the privilege of her guidance as a trainer can only improve him or herself and become away a better person for it. Anyone who may have the privilege of getting to know her just as Diane Williams will undoubtedly be touched with not only all of the above, but with kindness, sweetness and true heart as well.
    Adam recently posted..Health Benefits of HoneyMy Profile

  7. I really love your approach. I think you have a very realistic manner of getting things done and ultimately that’s what everybody wants but doesn’t know how to do :get the things done

  8. Hi Diane!
    Nice post..

    You have written very well. You are really a great trainer for me. And I agree with you that “getting started is always difficult”.

    I have tried many books and portal to know about this. But finally I saw it here.I will try to apply all these tips and suggestion which is described here.

    I hope you will suggest us with some idea..

    – Ravi
    Ravi Roshan Jaiswal recently posted..Top 10 Foods to cure a coldMy Profile

  9. One should always understand and accept his/ her body type. Be it 0 size or plus size. There goes many campaigns on the roads live but many a times go in vain. I am glad, Diane raised this issue and will now be helpful for many women.

  10. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing such a nice post. Even plus size women can look great and be fit. They just need some guidance and tips. It’s really a nice write up.

  11. I think that woman with curvys are really awesome, i can say that cuz here in Brazil, I use a size that is not considered a “common” thing, but guess what?
    I dont really care, cuz im more beautiful than that skinny girls and i feel alright with it.

  12. I always find curvy girls sexy but it’s not about being sexy but being healthy from within. I agree getting started is always the hardest part, but with hard work always comes a rewarding result. We just need to keep on going to keep off the weight.

  13. This is 100% the exact definition of body positive: genuinely making healthier choices and trying to better yourself. She actually IS healthy and trying to get even healthier. thanks for being such an amazing example 💓💓💕💗💝

  14. Positive thinking is when we consciously cultivate positivity in our minds so that we think we can get through anything. And it’s been scientifically proven to improve your work life, physical and mental health, and relationships.
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