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The Plus Size Fitness Experience


The phrase, the plus size fitness experience may be completely an oxymoron to those who are not plus size and to those who do not get you and me. But I’m sure you know what it means.

You are a plus size woman, but that doesn’t mean you’ve quit in striving to be fit. You haven’t quit trying.

You also understand that as a plus size woman you can be fit, strong, and healthy. That’s probably why you’re here at Curvy Goddess Lounge.


My name is Diane Williams and if you aren’t super familiar with the Curvy Goddess website, I am the creator and founder of this website and the Curvy Goddess Plus Size Fitness brand. I am also a certified personal trainer for plus size women who are ready to get in-shape and start eating healthy.

Because I’ve been deep in my work helping other women I have forgotten myself, forgotten that I am also a woman who needs some self-care.

To be completely honest with you, from this lifestyle of online marketing and diving into my work I’ve gained a ton of weight. For many months, I’ve struggled with shame and feeling completely illegitimate.

plus size curvy

And I’m sure the majority of the fitness industry would think I was a hypocrite for letting myself go. But this is where I need to remember what I would say to my clients and how I would treat them.

This happens all the time to many women. And usually a change in lifestyle or a huge bump in the road can be the catalyst that brings my clients to me.

Don’t play the shame game.

I don’t play the shame card with my clients. I don’t look at them in a condescending way and tell them that they should know better and that they should not have been lazy. Because none of this is true and none of these tactics help for the better, and inspire people to take action with achieving what they want in life. Am I right?

So I’m reminding myself the same. I’m giving myself patience and love in every possible way, like I do with my clients. I know that I am my worst critic and hardest on myself, more than with others. But what does that even accomplish, but only guilt and shame?

So enough with that nonsense…

I’m going to do something really special, different, and FUN! Well, I’m hoping it will be fun for you.

Most of my blogging for the next 12 will be documenting my fitness and wellness journey; from healthy eating, to my workouts, to people in my life and how they react to my new lifestyle, to maybe even idiots who think that I shouldn’t work out because I don’t deserve being in the same space as they are.

Any topic around the plus size fitness experience and the journey that I’m going to take is fair game!

And I’m calling my Plus Size Fitness Experience, Curvy Goddess In The City!

I’m quite sure if you’re on the same kind of journey you’ve had to deal with the same issues or you’re dealing with the issues right now.

Watch the video below, Ashley Graham getting it in. INSPIRATIONAL!

It’s time to acknowledge…

I have not worked out as consistently as I can. And I promise to do so, 5 – 6 days of some kind of exercise. This will definitely help with the weight loss although many (those dieting experts) believe that it will not, but I will prove how much it helps.

I have gained weight from my new lifestyle of 15 hour days and being on my laptop, so it’s time to take action and be accountable to myself, through Curvy Goddess Lounge by sharing my journey with you, every step of the way.

I’ve been a certified personal trainer for over 16 years now and I have been a plus size woman in all of my adult years. It’s time that you know that I have the same struggles that you do. That I have the same fears and also desires in achieving physical and health goals.

I don’t want to ever be skinny and sacrifice my physical, mental, and emotional strength in this process. I always want to be strong, inspiring, and fun even when the process can be challenging.

So here’s to me and my plus size fitness and wellness journey. I’m taking the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m taking it all in. I ACCEPT!

So are you on the plus size fitness and wellness journey? What have you been doing? Please share in the comments below, we’d love to know.

23 Responses to The Plus Size Fitness Experience

  1. YES, this is so true! The best trainer at my gym is plus size. She is an absolute machine and has helped hundreds of us, she’s in better shape than all of us together, it’s such a misconception sometimes!

  2. Hello Diane,
    I’d like to thank you. Sharing your fitness and wellness journey you help us to believe in our efforts. By the way, thanks for sharing the video with Ashley Graham. It is very motivational.

  3. Yes, yes yes! I know I will never be a size 6, but you know what? I don’t want to be a size 6! I know that I can still be curvy and comfortable with my body, healthy, fit and strong. But when I push myself to be rail thin, every other part of my life suffers. I’d rather live a balanced lifestyle and be happy with a strong body that can dance, run and live comfortable. Beautiful sentiments you’ve written, we’re behind you on this one! 🙂

  4. I admire anyone who is committed to getting in-shape and starting to eating healthy. It’s easier said than done. We all have our ups and downs, but the key is to not give in. Good luck on your journey!

  5. You are absolutely right Diane, far too many women think they need to lose weight just because they weight a little more than the average women.

    Your weight on the scale is not as important as your overall appearance, fitness level and health.

  6. Wow! You hit the nail on the head! This topic is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Completely agree with your viewpoints. You don’t have to be skinny to be considered fit.

  7. As a personal trainer who also writes and advises on health and fitness more than I do myself at times, I totally get where you are coming from. I also end up spending so much time on others that I hardly get the time to care for myself. I have personally found through experience that forcing myself away from work (even though I finally get that email I’ve been waiting on) actually improves my performance because exercise is so beneficial to productivity.

  8. I can totally relate to what you are saying. I went from size 0 to size 16. Have had love and hate relationship with food. So glad you are here for so many of us to share your story and inspire. That is why I started an activewear brand that caters to curves. Hopefully, we can work with you someday.

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