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Ask the Personal Trainer in NYC – Will Low Impact Really Help Me Lose Weight?

Personal Trainer in NYC
Diane Williams, Certified Personal Trainer
This is a special section where Curvy Goddesses all over the country have the opportunity to ask me anything about fitness. I’ve been a personal trainer in NYC for over 11 years.

I have dealt with hundreds of people from ages 16 to 96, women, men, with all types of physical limitations. Having that type of experience is a great learning opportunity for me and from that I’ve developed personal strength training exercise programs especially for the Curvy Goddess that work called Curvy Goddess Workout.

So here’s a question from a curious Curvy Goddess in San Francisco, CA who wants to begin a strength training exercise program.

Question: I am still not convinced that low impact exercise can help me lose weight. How long before I’ll know if I’m on the right track? How can I tell before I’ve wasted too much time?

I think most of us buy into the notion that high impact exercises such as running, sprinting, and jump squats are the only types of exercises that will help you lose weight. Don’t we see a lot of that in The Biggest Loser? So we think that’s what we should do for effective weight loss.

I’m here to tell you that you’ll probably be carried to the hospital before you’ll see any fat loss results. Joint problems and maybe injury will occur without training gradually to progression levels.

Having extra weight on your body doesn’t help and I actually won’t allow my Curvy Goddesses to do any jumping exercises. There definitely is no need. You could huff and puff your way with both feet still on the ground and for some of my intermediate and advanced level Curvy Goddesses doing exercises in a push-up position are killer but super effective.

A strength training exercise program is really key.

I’m not the only personal trainer in NYC or anywhere else for that matter who knows it all. All I know and many other colleagues will agree with me is that when it comes to effective fat-burning, fat-loss results include resistance training in your routine.

You can get major results without doing one single sprinting session up a steep hill. Any exercises using your bodyweight to start will do the trick but make sure to progress and increase intensity meaning add more weight or reps.

What I’m suggesting to you is a very basic way to increase intensity and if I get into a little more you’re definitely going to shake your head and wonder what I’m talking about.

Bottom Line…

This personal trainer in NYC thinks that you can’t afford not to incorporate strength training exercise into your life.

See you never thought there was so much to fitness and working out. That’s why there are personal trainers out there.

You can call me your personal trainer in NYC, also a Curvy Goddess who has been there. Yup, it’s tough but get your butt moving…And if you have any more questions please send them to me.

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

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  1. Your blog gives hope to every woman with a big butt. A big butt is not a bad thing. It can make you more attractive to men Theres a difference between a big butt and a fat butt

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