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Plus Size Accessories – Sexy Shoes for Big Ol’ Feet

Shoes are one of the essential plus size accessories for plus womens wardrobes. They can make or break your whole look if you want to look gorgeous and fashion forward. Finding the right size and width to complete your Goddess look is a must.

Ooh La La...
This Curvy Goddess’ feet are a size 12.

Growing up a big girl with big feet was something that I’d like to erase from my mind. Going to the shoe store was always a torturous event and always ended up in disaster.

Now am I the only one? I don’t think so. You, Curvy Goddess, do you remember such disastrous trips to the shoe store?

The whole ordeal reminded me that I was not meant to be seen. How did you feel?

Shucks, there weren’t any pretty shoes for this big girl’s feet no matter how beautiful I was on the inside. No one was going to make shoes for me so that I could walk around strong, proud, and beautiful.

My Doo Doo Brown Choir Shoes
One embarrassing situation I remember happened in Junior High, singing in the church choir. I recall the sapphire satiny dresses that were chosen for us to wear but Dad and Mom could not find shoes to match my beautiful dress.

I wanted patent leather go-go boots or those Candies slip-ons with the wooden sex kitten heels but instead I wore these horrid-looking doo doo brown men’s shoes with the squishy rubber heel. Yes, I had to wear them because they were the only shoes that fit me.

Sexy shoes, my plus size accessories…Where art thou?!!

I don’t even think the phrase plus size accessories existed back then and I had to wait until I was well into my adult grown years to have plus size accessories; shoes, bracelets, hosiery, etc. become available to me.

Now anything goes. I can be sexy, towering in 5 inch gold platform heels and feel beautiful.

I can finally be seen although still many may not want that to happen. Wake-up! There’s a lot of size discrimination splattering all across this Nation.

Curvy Goddess, there is no stopping us now. No doo doo brown hush puppies for us.

Look at me in my sexy size 12 gold platforms!
The above image is from a recent photo shoot. Notice the crazy platforms on my feet. And my feet don’t even hurt!

Where can you find plus size accessories? Well everywhere these days! And if not at your local mall (Nordstroms, Payless) then online (Nine West, Endless, Zappos.)

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Fun Shopping!

14 Responses to Plus Size Accessories – Sexy Shoes for Big Ol’ Feet

  1. you are beautiful!!! can I ask where do you buy your shoes at? because too am a size 12. and very tall!! but these platforms you have on are beautiful!!
    thanks for inspiring me.hala

  2. Hello Godess,

    the shoes look absolutely lovely. May I ask how tall you are? any tall women get intimidated by high heels and I personally think that is crazy. If you will still be referred to as tall with or without the heels. Apparently, a 5 inch heel does not add 5 inches to height, something about the incline, so this should encourage more tall women to try heels. I am sure you know that the higher the heel, the smaller your foot looks also, which is a plus!!!! CIAO.

  3. I love your article and you should be so happy to be so pretty. It’s so sad to hear you have to go through such paces (pun not intended) to find beautiful shoes. My sister wears size 11’s so I know where you’re coming from. She’s always trying to find beautiful sexy shoes like mine.

  4. OMG! I hated shoe shopping when I was younger! I currently wear a 12 W and always have. I wanted to wear the cute shoes and couldn’t. Now that I am older and can I still don’t. Why? Because I can’t walk in them! Lol, do you have any tips for walking in heels? I would love to throw on a cute dress and walk confidently in the heels.

    • My suggestion would be to stick with heels 3inches or less. Wedged or thick/wide heels. If you can go up a 1/2 size and place padded inserts to give you added comfort. Walk around in your heels at home for a few hours at a time and admire yourself in the mirror. Pay attention to your posture and feel the confidence to walk sexy in your heels. Good Luck!

  5. I am 5’10 and wear a size 13 in shoes. As the author of this article stated, it was also very difficult to find shoes in my size growing up. As I was wearing a size 12 since I was 12 yrs old. If I did find a pair of feminine stylist shoes they would cost $100-200+ a pair and growing up in a household of 5 siblings me being the youngest, my parents couldn’t always affords to buy at full price.

    But over the years it has gotten mucheasier to find shoes in a 12 and up. Here are some suggesstions:

    Nordstrom Rack
    Neiman Marcus
    Barefoot Tess
    J Renee

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