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The Plus Womens 5 Quick Tips to Being Re-Inspired to Get In-Shape

Support each other to get in-shape.
One of most plus womens lifelong struggles has been body image and one of the ways to manage and create a better relationship with your body has always been getting into shape.

It definitely is not easy and enjoyable for most Curvy Goddesses but it can be an amazing and miraculous process once you get into the groove. How do you do that?

Here are the plus womens 5 quick tips to getting re-inspired to get back into shape.

Tip #1: Find a friend who is positive and supportive in nature that is looking for someone to get in-shape. Support is one of the ways to help us with achieving our goals. We seem to forget to use this powerful motivator.

Tip #2: Re-frame exercise into a fun adventure or activity. What do you like? Are you into dance? Zumba, Flirty Girl Fitness

Are you into experimentation; a workout that you’re curious about but never tried but want to start? P90X, TRX training or Kettlebells

If you start re-framing exercise as a fun adventure or activity rather than a chore, you’ll soon be inspired.

Tip #3: Who do you look up to that can be a role model in health and fitness? Your role model doesn’t have to be a skinny Minnie. She can be considered beautiful, desirous, and healthy living in the “Plus Womens World.”

Tip #4: Commit to just 10 minutes every single day. That’s so much better than trying to commit to 60 minutes, 7 days/week.

That’s the mistake that most people make. They go all out in the beginning or at least in their minds and are disappointed with not being able to meet such lofty expectations.

Go for 10 minutes a day and you’ll find that you’ll WANT to go longer than 10 minutes since you’ve already passed the 10 minute mark.

Tip #5: Cut yourself some slack. Sometimes when we are too hard on ourselves it makes it more difficult for us to accomplish anything.

Who wants to do things that are always a struggle, a chore, and work?

Not me.

You’ll likely sabotage your efforts if you push way too hard and expect too much.

The plus womens challenge has always seemed to be trying to fit into this world where physical beauty means being skinny. It’s not an easy task feeling inspired with all that pressure. Think healthy, think Curvy Firm.

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

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