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Ask the Personal Trainer in NYC – The Leading Fitness Myth that Women Believe

Personal Trainer in NYC
Diane Williams, Certified Personal Trainer
Your own curvy and certified personal trainer in NYC is back with more questions from women about exercise. This is a special section where Curvy Goddesses all over the country have the opportunity to ask me anything about fitness.

I’ve been a personal trainer in NYC for over 11 years. I’ve had the unique opportunity of training hundreds of clients from age 16 to 96 years, men and women, with many unique physical limitations.

We’re going to get into probably the #1 leading fitness myth women still believe and because of this, is preventing them from taking maximum advantages for body re-shaping and also causing many to suffer bone loss.

Now more than 70% of my new clients who come to me not only want to lose fat and re-shape their bodies but their doctors are firmly advising them to work with a personal trainer to address their osteopenia or osteoporosis.

I’m finding this to be alarming.

Annette from Queens, NY asks this curvy personal trainer in NYC

Question: Why are you always emphasizing strength training exercise for plus-size women? We’re already big enough. I don’t want to get even bigger. I don’t like that big muscular look on a woman because if I lift weights, I’m going to look like a man. So I think I’ll just stick to the aerobics and do lots of sit-ups to get by stomach smaller and to lose weight.

I just love Annette’s question and her commentary afterward. It’s a clear indication that she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know and what she thinks she knows…she doesn’t!

But Curvy Goddess, have you made these comments before? Have you prescribed to yourself that kind of workout regimen to no avail?

Have you ever pointed to your tummy or butt and frustratingly thought, “I want to lose weight here.” And then managed to convince yourself that sweating it off is the key to getting rid of it?

So you peddle away on your stationary bike or walk on the treadmill for miles at a time just like a little hamster going nowhere literally and figuratively and then you do crunch after crunch hoping that your belly and the lumps on your butt will disappear not realizing that there is no such thing as spot reduction.

I’m sorry to tell you that you’re on the wrong track. You are way off the track.

This terrible myth of building big muscles on women is creating so much fear in you causing you never to train with weights at your detriment.

There is no way you will build big huge muscles unless you are on special supplementation and a specially designed training system.

Some of those muscle bound women you’ve seen are probably taking steroids which are banned and obviously harmful.

Why is it difficult for you to build big muscles? Well, it’s simply because you don’t have enough testosterone, a male hormone that encourages your muscles to grow.

In fact, you have ten to thirty times less of the bodybuilding hormone, testosterone than your male counterpart.

Women who accept the myth that they’ll build big muscles if they workout with weights will miss out on all of the benefits that strength training exercise and resistance training can offer.

Being a personal trainer in NYC where the gym is my normal environment, I’ve seen it all.

This myth is so ingrained in women’s psyche that even after explaining the facts to many women, they’re still afraid to lift weights and if they do choose to lift a weight they stick to the one-pound to two-pound dumbbells.

When you incorporate strength training exercise into your workout plan on a CONSISTENT basis you’ll start to finally see miraculous results that you could never get from just doing aerobics and 100 crunches or even 1000 crunches a day.

This personal trainer in NYC thinks that you can’t afford not to incorporate it into your life. So, no longer avoid strength training exercise thinking that you’ll get bigger. You’ll more likely tighten up, revealing a curvy firm body and go down a couple of dress sizes without having to go on a crash diet.

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

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