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The Curvy Goddess Chronicles -The 100 Day Plus Size Workout Fitness Challenge Continues

Plus Size Workout Fitness Challenge here I come because summer is over. The Summer debauchery didn’t destroy me…and most certainly the procrastination is history. You’re probably wondering what happened to that plus size workout fitness challenge that I started a couple of months ago. Well, the plus size workout challenge fizzled right when the next…Continue Reading

Zumba Fitness – Zumba for Beginners

Is Zumba for beginners? Zumba Fitness is the perfect plus size workout for beginners of exercise. Zumba for beginners – Why is it perfect for beginners? Zumba for beginners is a great fun plus size workout who have this negative association with exercise so are apprehensive about starting a plus size fitness program. Zumba Fitness…Continue Reading

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