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Fitness Motivation – The Plus Size No-Quitter’s Guide

fitness motivation

Fitness motivation is what fuels you to create something new for yourself when it comes to your body, your health, and even your life.

When change occurs, even if it’s in the fitness and health area, it permeates in many other aspects in a Curvy Goddess’ life.

That’s why fitness motivation is so valuable. It can be in the form of a trigger, negative or positive, specific thoughts and actions, and even a reward system to help you begin an exercise program and during the process.

I’m so glad you’re here because you now have access to 50 ways to fitness motivation!

Positive and Negative Triggers as Fitness Motivation

Fitness motivation can happen as a trigger, either negative and positive. It triggers us to start an exercise and healthy eating program.

Some triggers can be upcoming events, breakups, clothes getting tighter, and unfortunately, tragedies and near-tragedies that snap you out of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Events That Trigger

1. Wedding

2. School Reunion

3. Vacation

4. Summertime

5. Breakup

6. Clothes Getting Tighter

7. Health Problem (Heart Attack, Diagnosis of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure)

8. Loved one with health problems and/or death of a loved one

Fitness Motivation by Thinking of End Results

fitness motivation
When you incorporate a fitness plan, your body changes for the better. You get stronger, you’re happier, you’re also able to handle life’s stresses so much better. Plus you can become a huge influence for others to follow.

Showing and doing as an example for others is more powerful than telling others.

Focus on the Benefits

9. Relieves Stress

10. Better Sex – Strong and flexible!

11. Example for your son and daughter – Don’t think you are not an influencer, because you are. People do pay attention to what you do and say.

12. Live longer and feel good while living – Who doesn’t want to live longer and feel good doing it?1

13. Helps with depression

Now you know about the triggers that create fitness motivation for you to start an exercise and healthy eating plan. But those things are likely not going to keep you on track for very long.

The following fitness motivation ideas will help keep you solidly on your path.

For most of us, and I’m sure this applies to you, it’s hard to do this alone. You need positive support to push you through the struggle and the challenges.

Here are a few ideas to help you with accountability. BTW, avoid and/or block out all haters and negative criticism.

Accountability for Fitness Motivation

14. Personal Trainer – One of the best ways to create dramatic fitness change. As a certified personal trainer for 16 years, maybe I’m a little biased. But honestly, Curvy Goddess Workout plus size personal training has made a positive impact for my dear curvy clients.

15. Online Personal Trainer – When time is a major problem and you can’t find a personal trainer in your area that you like, choosing an online personal trainer is a great option for accountability.

16. Friend – online and offline – Having a friend who has the same, dedicated goal that you have would help greatly with support and accountability.

17. Online community – Being a part of an online community creates connection and will help alleviate the notion that you are all alone in your fight an struggle.

18. Blogging – Creating your own blog and writing your thoughts and tracking your activities and food plan would also help with accountability.

Fitness Apps for Fitness Motivation

19. – This is a wonderful app for motivation and/or if you need some advice that pertains to your goal. You can submit your goal into your app and chat with others who have the same goals as you. Coaches are also available for a weekly fee if you need that extra support and motivation.

20. My Diet Coach – This is a great app for fitness motivation. Fun graphics and you get to create your own fashionable avatar.

21. Hypnosis – Hypnotherapist, Andrew Johnson gives me the best results then any other hypnosis app I’ve ever tried.

He has numerous ones. I like deep sleep hypnosis and this weight loss app. It’s pretty amazing!

Fitness/Sports Challenges for Fitness Motivation

fitness motivation plus size

If you who need a fitness challenge or a fitness goal to keep motivated with your daily and weekly work outs, below are 4 golden nuggets.

22. Marathon

23. Couch to 5K

24. Spartan Race

25. 30 Day Curvy Goddess Fitness Challenge

Can you think of a few others?

Fitness Trackers

26. FitBit – This is all the rage for my plus size sisters who want to keep track of their steps.

27. Journaling Progress – Try the old-school approach by purchasing a fitness journal to keep you on track.

28. MisFit Swarovski Shine – Looking beautiful and fashionable while getting fit!

Progress Tracking

29. Before and After Images – Seeing others succeed means you can too!

fitness motivation before and after
My personal training client, Elisabeth, who lost 50 pounds working out with me and eating healthy

30. Measurements – I avoid weighing myself frequently, but sometimes you need some objective progress measures to inspire you to continue on your plus size fitness plan. Try circumference measurements.

31. Writing down your feelings – Sometimes we stuff our emotions. This leads us to numbness, not really understanding what we are feeling, and overeating which can take us off track on our fitness plan. Writing down your feelings can help get back to connecting.

32. Visual exercise and food diary – Sometimes taking pictures of your daily meals and exercise and posting it on your favorite social media will help keep you accountable.

Fitness Motivation – Reward Yourself

Periodically I will reward myself to help me continue on my plan. It’s something that I can look forward to having. And keeps things fun and the challenges worthwhile.

33. Fitness Clothing – and Lola Getts when you need that inspiration and you want to look fabulous breaking a sweat.

34. Fun, Candy-Colored Sneakers

35. Bathing Suit – Ooh la la

36. Clothes – Something beautiful!

New and Fun Fitness Programs

37. Plus Size Yoga

38. Curvy Goddess Workout Plus Size Personal Training

39. Zumba Fitness

Online Action for Fitness Motivation

Power online for that workout motivation and inspiration.

40. YouTube Videos – Just type in “fitness motivation for women” , “weight loss before and after”. You’ll find loads of vids to get you moving.

41. Befores and Afters on Instagram

fitness motivation instagran

42. Pinterest

43. Bloggers – Find plus size fitness bloggers to help you stay focused. There are a handful of us at this time, but the community is growing rapidly.

Positive Thoughts and Other Ideas

44. Gratitude List – Being in gratitude mode shifts your mind to understanding how fortunate you really are.

45. Visualization – Envision the goals that you have in the form of already achieving them. What is it like being in the best shape of your life?

How are you feeling about it? What are you wearing?

46. Music – Spotify for endless streams of music that just won’t make you stop!

47. Find Role Models – You are heavily influenced by who you surround yourself. Choose carefully and consciously.

48. Commit to 7 minutes a day and nothing more. Don’t think about it for too long.

You’re only committing yourself to exercise 7 minutes per day and when the 7 min is over it’s time to reassess.

Do you want to continue or do you want to stop?

49. Take your workout clothes – Bring your workout clothes to work with you to avoid the excuse that you don’t have anything to wear to workout after you’re done with work.

50. Audio record your voice after a workout – I think this is a pretty cool way to motivate yourself when you feel like quitting.

We forget very quickly how it feels after we’ve accomplished a great work out and this is a great way to remind yourself.

fitness motivation pic

After an amazing work out record your voice. Share how you’re feeling. What you just did. And talk to the “YOU” who needs support and encouragement.

Tell her that you’re going to be there for her. And remind her how good this feels and how strong you are and she can be strong too!

plus size fitness motivation

So there you have it, Curvy Goddess! 50 ways to fitness motivation. And before I let you go, I must ask you, “Are you part of the Curvy Goddess Club and have you downloaded your FREE Curvy Goddess eBook yet?”

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Make sure to comment below about the Fitness Motivation list. I would love to hear what you think and even add to the list.

Until next time, stay strong and stunning!

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6 Responses to Fitness Motivation – The Plus Size No-Quitter’s Guide

  1. Thank you so much Diane!!!! You are one of the most inspirational people that I have come across in a long while. I love your heart for the Curvy Girl!!!! Smooches and stay Awesome!!!

  2. 17. Online community – Being a part of an online community creates connection and will help alleviate the notion that you are all alone in your fight an struggle.

    Do you have any communities you are associated with? I haven’t found one and was tempted to create a community, but if you know of an existing one, I am very curious.

    You enthusiasm and need to love, accept and help the curvy woman is exactly the inspiration I want to be too. You are beautiful!

  3. Number 17 is a great tip. It doesn’t matter in what you want to be good. You won’t make it alone. Find like minded people and share your knowledge and experience with them. This is especially important in Fitness and health.

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