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Start Here Curvy Goddess

Getting Started with The Curvy Goddess

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I’m Diane Williams, creator of the Curvy Goddess Fitness and Health Brand for Curvy Women. If you’re new to creating a fit and healthy lifestyle and don’t know where to start, don’t fret, you’re in the right spot! It contains the information you need to get started on a glorious fit and healthy lifestyle.

You’ll be living The Curvy Goddess Lifestyle soon enough and healthy, firm curves will be your destiny!


What is Curvy Goddess All About?

If you decide to take the journey you’ll truly discover what the Curvy Goddess Lifestyle is all about.

Below is a video about the distinctions between the Curvy Goddess fitness method geared exclusively for curvy women and other personal training and fitness exercise programs.


Every curvy woman is a Curvy Goddess.

Some of us may not know this truth because the Curvy Goddess may lie dormant inside and a woman may not have practiced self-care and understand her worthiness.

A Curvy Goddess is sexy, strong, and confident.

She places herself on her list of priorities because she genuinely loves herself. She understands that when she takes care of herself and actively lives a fit and healthy life, it affects the people around her for the better.

She is a positively powerful influence for everybody in her life.


What A Curvy Goddess Is NOT…

Before we move on together and take the journey, building a fit and healthy life with firm, curves I’d like to cover a few important points.

This site is not for everybody. Just because a curvy woman stumbled onto this site and she wants to have a fit, firm and curvy body, and lose weight doesn’t mean that this is for her.

The Curvy Goddess Lifestyle is NOT for you if:

  • You are a size 4 and still think you’re fat. I have nothing against women who are a size 4 or 2 or even a size 0. But it’s clear that this website is for women who have struggled with their weight and have felt invisible in their lives and in society. Ironically, a woman who is a size 20 in America will likely be ignored than a woman who is a size 4.
  • You work out almost every single day and bootcamps are your workout of choice. I also have nothing against bootcamps and extreme intensity. And I will cover these types of workouts on this website, but for most of the time high-intensity training cannot be sustained and should not be the core program for most Curvy Goddesses.
  • You count calories and have made the decision to do that for the rest of your life. Believe me…counting calories is an oppressive way to changing your body in a positive way. Curvy Goddess is all about inspiration, feeling strong and being healthy, so we’re going to find other ways to burn fat and lose weight. Counting calories is not the only way and it really isn’t the most effective to get where you want to be.
  • You want a quick fix and not a lifestyle change. Quick fixes don’t ever stick, and so we’re not about that. Extreme long-term dieting will suck the life out of you. There’s nothing sexy and strong about that!
  • You’re not willing to invest the time to take care of yourself and your health. This may be the most crucial step that you must take on your journey and keep on taking those steps of self-care and prioritize time to your self. It will also be the hardest, but well worth it!


What To Expect Here

I wanted to give you some starter information that will give you a taste of what this website is all about. Feel free to comment below the article post if you have any questions or if you just liked it!

  • We obsess about calories when we need to be more mindful of the quality of food we’re eating. A banana and greek yogurt will make you feel better than a sugary granola bar and a mocha latte. Click here for more information
  • The Curvy Goddess Lifestyle is not only about fitness and weight loss methods but also creating a strong awareness and then changing it when it doesn’t work for you any longer. Here’s some information on creating a more conscious mindset to stop excusing yourself from getting what you really want. Click here


The Curvy Goddess Club and FREE eBook

plus size fitness motivationBefore I let you go so you can start taking action on your Curvy Goddess Fitness and Healthy Weight Loss Journey, I want to make sure that you are part of the Curvy Goddess Club and have the FREE eBook about procrastination.

Just enter your name and email below and you’ll instantly get a copy.

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I Am Very Grateful To Have You Here!

Now one last thing…

I want to thank you for being here.

Thank you very much!

Diane Williams Steffany Bready

I will guide you on your exciting fitness and health journey to the best of my ability. Again I’m not perfect and I don’t claim to be perfect or above anyone for that matter.

But I understand how it is to struggle and feel alone on a very long and painful journey. It’s very helpful to have someone who completely gets you.

So reach out to me if and when you need to.

Again, thank you for your support.

Until next time, stay strong and stunning!


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